● I/We agree that I/We will be personally liable to pay your fee under this agreement

● I/We agree to accept the terms contained in this agreement by signing and returning a copy to Rent Search London

● I/We agree that the fee will be paid before a search or meeting commences (excluding the 30 minute free consultation)


● Rent search London will act as your ‘sole’ rent search agent in acquiring a  rental property

● All negotiations to rent a property which you choose shall be carried out through us

● You will be liable to pay the fee to the Rent Search London Agent if at any time there is a signing of contracts for the rental of the property with an agent/landlord introduced by us during the period of our agreement, or with whom we have had negotiations during the period of our agreement

● After the initial search period (depending on which service you choose), the agreement will continue up to agreement signing of a chosen property or until either you or we bring it to an end, in writing and giving 14 (fourteen) days’ notice

● The Rent Search London agent fee is due at the start of the search. A landlord we have introduced is anyone who has learned about the tenant through the rental search agent’s activity either directly or through another person (for example wife, husband, family member, partner or business partner), including anyone acting on behalf of the tenant. This can include (for example) advertisements, office displays, sales details, for sale boards, electronic advertising including Internet media, leaflets and any written or verbal information given about the property.  


Please read carefully before agreeing and confirming by ticking agreed and CLICKING SUBMIT.

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